Two-spotted Lady Beetle
Adalia bipunctata

two spotted ladybug
I think aphids must not have a clue about predators since the one on the left appears to
 be unfazed by the ladybug munching on its friend or relative.; then again, they aren't
know for their mobility, either.  This hungry Adalia bipunctata was in my yard in
Taylorsville, Utah. I see this species every year now since I first identified them in
2009 so I guess they are thriving in my neighborhood.  Carol Davis 6-19-2012

Adalia bipunctata
You'd think she'd have better things to do in late November--like sleep!  It was okay, though, because
this gave me a new species of lady beetle in 2009. I tried photographing her on the curtain and
then moved her to a piece of paper.   Carol Davis, 11-22-2009

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