Two-spotted Melyrid
Collops bipunctatus

Collops bipunctatus
Female Collops bipunctatus.  © Carol Davis, 7-16-2009

male Collops bipunctatus
The males have weird curlycue antennae.  ©Carol Davis, 7-16-2009

male and female twospotted melyrid
These two Two-spotted Melyrids (soft-winged flower beetles) were smooching away on a plant at Bear River MBR. 
Actually, the female was trying to ignore the male but he was having none of it.  Collops are mostly predatory,
as larvae and as adults, and they also dine on nectar. As I remember it, the female did send
the over-zealous male on his way eventually (female R, male L).  © Carol Davis, 7-16-2009

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