Unknown Mud Nest
possible solitary wasp

mud next on the underside
          of a rock
As I was walking in some rocks up from the shore of the Great
Salt Lake on Antelope Island, I caught sight
of something
white underneath
one of them.  This little mud nest was
tucked in the "mouth" of the rock. © Carol Davis 3-19-2019

small white mud nest
It was only about 1/4 to 3/8 inch long and would have been
protected from rain, but not from the wet snow we had
 this winter. It must be made of amazing mud. I've never
seen anything quite like it. © Carol Davis 3-19-2019

This is a photo of the area in which I found the rock.
It was a miracle I was able to see the tiny nest tucked
in the little overhang on the small rock (
I would
 never have found it but I was scanning the ground for
 little jumping spiders
.) I'm sure some people would say
 it's a mud dauber nest, but it would be a peculiar place
 for one and very tiny in size. © Carol Davis 3-19-2019

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