Utah Cicada  (three photos) 
Genus Platypedia putnami

1" long

black cicada

This little cicada was with a gazillion other cicadas in the Kolob Lookout Overlook area of Zion National Park.  Unlike some of the cicadas
who make such high-pitched sounds, these make a clicking sound and are referred to as "clicking" or "crepitating" cicadas.  They
have not only beauty but a less deafening form of communication.  Carol Davis 6-12-2009

I found this beautiful cicada at Payson Lakes on the Nebo Loop in Utah.  I have never seen a cicada in Utah so this was pretty exciting
to get to see this one up close.  It was very cooperative.  Below is the shed skin of an immature cicada.  The ant in the photo had
been checking it out, too. Carol Davis, 7-6-2008

cicada case

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