Southern Utah Cicada  (three photos)
"Citrus Cicada"
Species Diceroprocta apache
1 inch 

Utah cicada
Brand spankin' new Diceroprocta apache cicada having just
emerged from the exuvia.  Nature at her perfection. Marilyn Davis
from St. George, Utah noticed this strange insect on a tree in
 her yard and took a picture.  What a great find and a
neat photo! Marilyn Davis, 7-24-2008

brown cicada
When I went down to visit my brother in St. George, his wife, Marilyn, told
 me about the newly-hatched cicada and showed me the picture. The above
two photos were taken a few weeks after she took her photo. I found this mature
cicada and many others "singing" in her back yard. Carol Davis 8-16-2008

brown cicada
   The alarm call of the Diceroprocta apache is one of the loudest among
all insects, according to this article by the BBC.  Decibel levels can reach
 over 105. 
It seems only appropriate that as the St. George temperature
 settles at around 105, so should the cicada decibel level. 
The city residents
rarely experience the noise anyway since they are trapped in their homes
 and offices with the air conditioner or swamp cooler blasting away.
Cicadas like these, who live in the hot desert, sweat to keep cool
(evaporative cooling). 
You can see a drop of sweat on the front leg of this
one. This cicada is not only sweaty, but pretty.
Carol Davis, 8-16-2008
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