Vinegar Fly  (two photos)

See "Fruit Fly" for the orchard pest

Genus Drosophila

male and female vinegar fly
Male and Female Vinegar Flies (genus Drosophila) annoying my beautiful yellow tomatoes (they're-ripe-when-
they're-yellow kind). The female is smaller (right) and has a darker end on the abdomen but neither has any
markings on the wings, like the one below. These flies are mistakingly called "Fruit Flies" by gardeners who
 battle them in the kitchen all through the growing season. 
The best way to control these is to wash  your fruit
thoroughly before you ever bring it into the house.
   © Carol Davis, 8-20-2008

Genus Chymomyza
vinegar fly
Vinegar Fly on Antelope Island.  Vinegar Flies feed off fruit or off sap, decaying matter, etc. 
This particular genus has partial stripes on its wings which gives it a more appealing look
than the little orange ones that feed on my tomatoes and pears.  © Carol Davis, 7-30-2008

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