Wasp with Caterpillar Prey  (three photos)
Genus Unknown

cutworm wasp with cutworm
This Wasp was trying to clear the way to drag a chunky caterpillar down into the burrow it
had dug at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah. My friend, Ruth Sulik, noticed
this behavior as we were sitting on a picnic table next to her trailer. © Carol Davis 6-25-2012

cutworm wasp
The wasp is down the hole trying to clear the way for storing its catch. Wasps like this one provision their
 nests with caterpillars so when the babies hatch they will
have a hot meal. 
© Carol Davis 6-25-2012

down the hole
After dragging caterpillars down the hole and laying eggs, the wasp will seal the hole and cover it with
dirt and rocks so that it will be safe until the baby wasps emerge.  Since I wasn't into wasps much in
 2012, I didn't wait for the whole process to be completed; now I wish I had.  © Carol Davis 6-25-2012

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