Wasp Mantisfly or Wasp Mantidfly
Part 2  (three photos)

Climaciella brunnea

Wasp Mimic

Climaciella brunnea in Utah
I found these Wasp Mantidfly (or Mantisfly) adults in the same place I found the first one a few days
before. There were a number of them and they appeared to be looking for places to lay eggs.
This photo is flipped for easier viewing - the insect was actually upside-down on the bottom of a
leaf on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis 8-14-2013

wasp imitator mantisfly
This, of course, is a view from the top of one that was on a sunflower blossom. 
The next one (I believe) is using an egg-laying apparatus or at least trying to lay eggs.
I found it on a sunflower leaf and it was still there two hours later.  Carol Davis 8-14-2013

egg laying mantidfly
I used a flash which washed out the yellow but it made the eye radiate beautiful colors.  I tried
 not to bother these insects too much since some seemed to be egg-laying. I would have stayed
a little longer but it was 100 degrees outside. Arghhh. Carol Davis, 8-14-2013

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