Wasp Mantidfly   (two photos)
Climaciella brunnea

Climaciella brunnea in northern Utah
I expected to find some insects on Antelope Island on June 1, 2016, but i did not expect to see any Wasp
Since I had only seen them in August and September, I thought they were a late summer
 insect.  I guess not.  Look at the crazy front claws - they can move through the bushes surprisingly
well - and they are great flyers with those magnificent "dragon wings."  © Carol Davis 6-1-2016

Wasp Mantidfly on Antelope Island
This is actually the first one I spotted. It was not coming out of the rabbit brush to get its
picture taken; in fact, it went further inside once it checked me out to see if I was
dangerous or edible. I think I was just annoying. © Carol Davis 6-1-2016

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