What Happens to Wasp Mantidflies 
After Laying Eggs
  (three photos)
Species: Climaciella brunnea and Phidippus apacheanus

wasp mantidfly being eaten by a Phidippus apacheanus spider
When I saw this grouping through my binoculars on Antelope Island, I was hoping it was a male and female Wasp
Mantidfly but, alas, it was not to be.  One of my favorite jumping spiders,
Phidippus apacheanus (female), had a
female Wasp Mantidfly in her grasp and was having lunch (dutch treat).  More below... © Carol Davis 9-14-2014

phidippus apacheanus with prey
If you've ever owned a cat and watched it hiding from you behind a bush, it thinks you can't see it
if only one of its eyes is showing. It's quite hilarious because it seems to be unaware that the rest of
its head is poking out from behind the bush, as well.  This jumping spider was trying to hide behind
its prey and figured I couldn't see it and would soon go away. Very cute.  © Carol Davis 9-14-2014

wasp mantidfly and spider
After I had taken many pictures, the spider decided it was time to move to another location since I was
still hanging around. 
I then quietly departed to let the female feed in peace.  © Carol Davis 9-14-2014

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