Paper Wasp Skinning a Caterpillar
Polistes dominula Paper Wasp

geomestrid caterpillar
No one seems to know what these beautiful little caterpillars
 turn into and I have only
found them on rabbit brush.  This
 one didn't turn into anything, unfortunately, as you
can see as this story unfolds. © Carol Davis 8-7-2013

wasp devouring caterpillar
I was watching this beautiful caterpillar because I hadn't
 seen any in a few years. All of
a sudden a paper wasp came
 flying in and took a bite of it.  I couldn't have saved it if
I'd wanted to.  © Carol Davis 8-7-2013

caterpillar and wasp
I won't show you all the pictures because this process was
gruesome. The wasp skinned
the caterpillar and seemed to be
gathering it up to take with it. I read somewhere that

they use the skin, as well as the caterpillar, to provision
their nests.  © Carol Davis 8-7-2013

gathering caterpillar skin
By this point, I had just about had enough of this process so I
left the scene before it was finished.  I wish that little caterpillar
could have grown into a gorgeous moth but, alas, the wasp had
 other plans. 
© Carol Davis 8-7-2013, Antelope Island

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