Water Scavenger Beetle  (two photos)
Hydrobius fuscipes

Hydrobius fuscipes
In a very cold, snow-covered meadow on Antelope Island's Garr Ranch, I found this small beetle laying
on top of the snow. Scavenger beetles feed on decaying plant and animal material and the larvae are often
predatory and are found in small ponds. I'm one of those people who look for insects in winter because
it's really neat when I find one adventurous soul out in the freezing elements. It makes me wonder just what
 they were thinking when they decided to venture forth. I have found various insects and spiders in February
 in very cold temperatures. Spiders are usually my first find of the new year.

snowy day in February
This is what the island looked like on this day and I'm still wondering why I was
out trudging through the snow at Garr Ranch. I think I was actually birdwatching
when I found the beetle. Once while I was out and about on the ranch by myself
I fell through the snow mid-thigh.  It was no fun getting out of that predicament. 
It's times like those that make me question my hobbies and my
common sense.  © Carol Davis, 2-18-2008

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