Western Conifer Seed Bug  (four photos)
Leptoglossus occidentalis

western conifer seed bug
I found one of these on my car window in Mercur Canyon, Tooele County, Utah and then a little while
later found this one on rabbitbrush - it was more photogenic than the first.  ©Carol Davis 10-9-2016

Leptoglossus occidentalis
I was heading off to the store and found this largish bug walking up the foundation of my house.
Bugguide told me it is a Western Conifer See Bug (I just knew I had to have these around
 since I have a few large evergreens). See how the right hind leg has a leaf shape (the left
one does, too, but you just can't see it).  The shot below gives a full view. © Carol Davis 10-21-2013

western conifer seed bug
According to Bugguide, these are from the Leaf-footed Bug family (Coreidae) and they feed on
various parts of conifers. Sometimes they wander into houses (and they can fly). A portion of the back
 legs have a leaf-shape to them, hence the name "leaf-footed".  
This one doesn't have the zigzag
on its abdomen that the one below, submitted by Angie Branch, has.  The one below is also
 more colorful, maybe because it's a little younger (just a guess).© Carol Davis 10-21-2013

Leptoglossus occidentalis
Angie Branch found this bug on her glass door in Sandy, Utah and was kind enough
to forward the photo to me. I begged for the chance to use it since I had yet to find
one of these Western Conifer Seed Bugs. I did crop the photo for the presentation
Her son's finger is the background for the photo (he was on the other side
 of the glass). Thanks Angie!
© Angie Branch 8-29-2011

There are a lot of bugs that resemble these including the Western Leaf-footed bugs,
  Squash Bugs and Assassin bugs. Even though it is said these (shown above) don't
 bite, assassin bugs can and will if bothered. Best not to handle anything that looks
anything like this, as far as I'm concerned.  Quoting Dracula's first wife, "It's better
to be cautious than bitten" and the Werewolf's victim who said "Once bitten, twice
as hairy" (hmm, maybe that doesn't apply here).

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