Western Yellow-banded Bumble Bee
"Western Bumble Bee"
Bombus occidentalis

western bumble bee
Found just off the Mirror Lake Highway, Summit County, UT.  © Carol Davis 8-1-2017

Bombus occidentalis
This bumbler was intently gathering pollen from Musk Thistle at Strawberry Reservoir.
Dr. Ascher,
Bugguide expert, kindly identified it as Bombus occidentalis.  I think the little yellow
larva right between the wings might be some kind of oil beetle.  Buglife.org has some good
information on oil beetles. ©  Carol Davis 8-1-2014

yellow-banded bumble bee
Bombus occidentalis was a "bear" to photograph since it rarely had its head out of the flower. I wanted to get
a face
shot but that was not to be.  The upside-down pose seemed to be a favorite one for my pollen-covered
mountain dweller. It seems this species is getting harder to find in the U. S., although it is found
quite often in the Rocky Mountains (according to Bugguide.net).  Wikipedia has a little
information on it, as well.  © Carol Davis 8-1-2014 

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