Western Yellowjackets & Nest   (four photos)
Vespula pensylvanica

western yellowjacket
Western Yellowjacket in Northern Utah at Bear River MBR.  Carol Davis 10-30-2011

vespula pensylvanica
Such a benign-looking face on this fierce warrior.  The eyes of the Western Yellowjacket are completely
surrounded by yellow. Carol Davis 10-30-2011

western yellowjacket nest
I pulled over on a bare strip nest to the pavement on my way up to Payson Lakes in Utah
County and immediately saw some wasps flying around a log very close
to where I had
exited the car.  I tried to get as close as possible but I knew if I got
any nearer I might have
to deal with irate yellowjackets. Admit it, doesn't it make your skin crawl or perhaps cause
the spot of your last sting to ache just to look at this nest of wasps? Carol Davis 9-23-2012

western yellowjackets
Even though they are some of the most beautiful of wasps with their yellow and
black coloring, Western
Yellowjackets (well, any yellowjackets) are irritability
ified (the wasp equivalence of personified). See that one near the top looking
at me - I could feel instantly that I was being checked out. I got one picture
 and  headed for the car as fast as I could. Carol Davis 9-23-2012

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