Western Yellow Jackets Attacking a Tomato Worm
(three photos)  Vespula pensylvanica

Vespula pensylvanica attacking tomato worm

I was checking out my garden in Taylorsville, Utah, just before leaving for a photography
outing and I saw this
Tomato Worm (first one I had spotted this year).  Just then it
was attacked by these Yellow Jackets. © Carol Davis 8-29-2017

tomato worm trying to fight back
The wasps were relentless and more came when these left. The Tomato
Worm tried flipping itself backwards to fend them off, but it was not
working. © Carol Davis 8-29-2017

tomato worm flinging itself
All the flailing was for naught - it was helpless. I was kind of glad I had
to leave because, even though I hate Tomato Worms, I hate Yellow Jackets
even more. It's a wonder any caterpillars make it through the life cycle with
Yellow Jackets and European Paper Wasps around.  © Carol Davis 8-29-2017

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