White-crossed Seed Bug
 Neacoryphus bicrucis

white-crossed seed bug
This neatly-patterned bug, often confused with the Western Box Elder Bug, was found on a different plant than its host
plant, Ragwort. White-crossed Seed Bugs feeds on the juices of
Ragwort with their straw-like mouths.  While the alkaloids
 in the plant cause irreversible
liver damage in cattle,  they protect the seed bug from predators; no self-respecting predator
wants to
dine on a nasty-tasting bug. The bright red, black and white markings of this bug are reminders to its enemies that
 it is not a great meal.  Found in Red Butte Gardens in SLC, Utah.  You can find a little more information on
them here.   © Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

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