"Stopping by Coyotes on a Smoggy Midday"
by Carol Davis

(not to be confused with
"Stopping by Woods on a Snowing Evening"
by Robert Frost)

large coyotes
I stopped to see if this was a dead animal not far from the causeway on at Antelope Island State Park.
 It was a large coyote (probably male) basking in the sun. I decided to take a few pictures.

young coyote
Walking from the Island towards the large coyote was another small coyote (possibly a
juvenile) to see if the lump on the ice was dead and edible.

large coyote
Having briefly glanced at the other coyote, the large coyote's only concern was
 the car stopped on the causeway.

small coyote spots live large coyote
Upon seeing the large coyote move, the smaller coyote stared and the hairs started to rise
on its back. "Not good," I'm sure it was thinking to itself.

look bigger
"I've got to look big and tough and get the heck outa here!" It then made a quick 90 degree turn to
the north, arching its back and fluffing up as much as possible.

"Is he watching?!" Whew, safe.

large coyote going back to sleep

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