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New - July 5, 2018

Rocky Mountain Clearwing Moth - Hemaris thetis

Glover's Silkmoth -
Hyalophora columbia gloveri

  • Many-plume Moth - (Alucitidae) - tiny, golden, feathery moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Carolina Sphinx Moth - (Manduca sexta) - Tomato Worm moth in Saratoga Springs, Utah Cnty. UT
  • One-eyed Sphinx Moth - (Smerinthus cerisyi) - male & female - three different moths at Strawberry Reservoir
  • Snowberry Sphinx Moth - (Sphinx_vashti) - at Rock Cliff State Park in Wasatch County, UT
  • White-lined Sphinx Moth - (Hyles lineata) - 1 in Taylorsville 2008, 1 at Bear River 2006, 1 on Antelope Island UT 2017
  • Hera Buckmoth - (Hemileuca hera) - at Promontory Point, Box Elder County, 2017, and at LeBarron Point, Utah County, 2004
        Geometroidae (Geometrid Moths)
  • Ghost moth (Gazoryctra pulcher) - in Brighton, Utah above Silver Lake
  • Plume Moth - (Emmelina monodactyla) - "Morning Glory Plume Moth" on Antelope Island
  • Plume Moth - (possible Hellinsia) - light golden moth with long wings in St. George, Utah
  • Snapdragon Plume Moth - (Stenoptilodes antirrhina) - destructive pupa and moths on snapdragon
  • American Plum Borer Moth - (Euzophera semifuneralis)  - brown and gray moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Clover Hayworm Moth  (Hypsopygia costalis) - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Dolichomia olinalis - "Yellow-fringed Colichomia Moth" - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Gold-banded Etiella moth - (Etiella zinckenella) - gray moth with gold squiggles in Taylorsille, UT
  • Gooseberry Fruitworm Moth - (Zophodia grossulariella) - grey moth with zigzag stripe in LaVerkin, Utah
  • Large Tabby Moth  (Aglossa pinguinalis ) - in Taylorsville, UT
  • Meal Moth (Pyralis arinalis) - brown and greenish moth (and larva) in Taylorsville, UT, 2007
  • Myelopsis - (genus Myelopsis) - tan and brown moth with zigzag lines in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Pyralid Moth - possible Anadelosemia species - brown moth with stripes at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch Cnty, UT
  • Stored Grain Moth - (Aglossa caprealis) - speckled brown moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Webbing Coneworm Moth (Dioryctria disclusa) - small orange and brown moth in Taylorsville, Utah
                     Crambidae (Snout Moths)
  • Glover's Silkmoth - (Hyalophora columbia gloveri) - in Saratoga Springs, UT (photo by Caden Erickson 6-2018)
  • Luna Moth (silkmoth) - photo taken in North Carolina            
  • Bagworm Moth - (Thyridopteryx meadi)  - on Creosote Bush in Clark County, NV
  • Snailcase Bagworm - (Apterona helicoidella) - tiny mud case for the larvae at North Arm, Pineview Reservoir, Weber Cnty, UT
  • Tubeworm Moth - Acrolophus in Taylorsville, UT
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