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New - August 2, 2020

Crambid Snout Moth - Pyrausta fodinalis

  • Many-plume Moth - (Alucitidae) - tiny, golden, feathery moth in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, UT
  • Carolina Sphinx Moth - (Manduca sexta) - Tomato Worm moth in Saratoga Springs, Utah Cnty. UT
  • Elegant Sheep Moth - (Hemileuca eglanterina) - large orange and black moth in Wasatch County, Utah 8-20-2019
  • One-eyed Sphinx Moth - (Smerinthus cerisyi) - male & female - three different moths at Strawberry Reservoir
  • Snowberry Sphinx Moth - (Sphinx vashti) - at Rock Cliff State Park in Wasatch County, UT
  • White-lined Sphinx Moth - (Hyles lineata) - 1 in Taylorsville 2008, 1 at Bear River 2006, 1 on Antelope Island UT 2017
  • Hera Buckmoth - (Hemileuca hera) - at Promontory Pt, Box Elder County, 2017, and at LeBarron Pt, Utah County, 2004
  • Casebearer Moth - (Coleophoridae) - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Banded Scythris - (Scythris trivinctella) - brown & white moth on sunflower on Ant. Island, Davis Cnty, UT 8-12-2011
  • Grass Miner Moth - (genus Agonopterix) - small brown and gray moth in Taylorsville, UT
  • Leaf Litter Moth - (Oegoconia quadripuncta) - "Four-spotted Yellowneck" in Taylorsville, UT
  • Poison Hemlock Moth - (Agonopterix alstroemeriana) - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Twirler Moth  - (Isophrictis magnella) - small tan and brown moth at Promontory Pt, Box Elder Cnty, Utah 8-2-2011
  • Twirler Moth - (Prolita jubata) - on Antelope Island, Davis County, UT
  • Twirler Moth "Lesser Bud Moth" - (Recurvaria nanella) - dark brown moth with diagonal stripes in Taylorsville, Utah
        Geometroidae (Geometrid Moths)
  • Ghost moth (Gazoryctra pulcher) - in Brighton, Utah above Silver Lake
  • Abagrotis (genus) - medium-sized tan moth with gray stripes in Taylorsville, Utah, 200i9
  • Agrochola purpurea - big orange and gold owlet moth in Taylorsville, Utah, 2008
  • Alfalfa Looper Moth (Autographa californica) - in Utah, Salt Lake & Davis Counties, 2019, 2013, 2008
  • Bicolored Sallow - (Sunira bicolorago) - beautiful yellow moth with 2 black spots in Taylorsville, Utah, 2009, -17
  • Armyworm Moth - (Mythimna unipuncta) - gold moth with two white spots in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Catocala faustina - large, gray patterned moth in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah  8-22-2019
  • Catocala neogama- "The Bride" - gray moth with yellowish spots and bands in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Celery Looper Moth - (Anagrapha falcifera) - gray moth with brownish-red saddle in Taylorsville and Antelope Island, UT
  • Collared Arches Moth - (Lacinipolia strigicollis) - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Common Idia  (Idia aemula) - brown moth with two gold spots in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Cutworm Moth - (Euxoa idahoensis) - brown spotted moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Cutworm or Dart Moth - Genus Leucania - in the Jordanelle wetlands in Wasatch County, UT
  • Darker-spotted Straw Moth (Heliothis phloxiphagus) - in Salt Lake City, Utah & Bear River MBR
  • Dichagyris variabilis - owlet moth on Antelope Island & in Taylorsville, Utah 9-23-2009, 8-31-2008
  • Dingy Cutworm Moth - (Feltia jaculifera) - rogal-looking moth in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah 6-7-2007
  • Gluphisia wrightii - pretty gray, black and yellow prominent moth in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, UT  4-30-2020
  • Gnophaela vermiculata - "Police Car Moth" at Powder Mtn. & Brighton, Utah
  • Great Tiger Moth - (Arctia caja) - large brown and white moth at Heber Valley Camp, Wasatch County, Utah 8-13-2019
  • Hadenini Moth - (Hecatera dysodea) - European owlet moth in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Ipsilon Dart Moth (Agrotis ipsilon) - cutworm moth on Antelope Island
  • Isabella Tiger Moth  (Pyrrharctica isabella) - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Large Yellow Underwing - (Noctua pronuba) - in Taylorsville, UT and on Antelope Island, Davis Cnty., UT
  • Lichen Moth - (Cisthene angelus) - at Tonaquint Nature Park, St. George, UT
  • Lichen Moth - (Cisthene barnesii) - brown and gold moth in Taylorsville, UT
  • Lichen Moth - (Lycomorpha grotei) - orange-winged moth with black trim near St. George, Utah & Mirror Lake hghwy.
  • Litholomia napaea - "False Pinion Moth" on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah
  • Narrow-winged Midget (Tarache augustipennis) - brown and white moth on Antelope Island
  • Oligia rampartensis - brown owlet moth with orange and light brown markings in Taylorsville
  • Pale Western Cutworm Moth (Possible) - (Agrotis orthogonia) - very pale moth in Mercur Canyon, Tooele Cnty., UT 10-2017
  • Parasemia plantaginis - black and orange (yellow) tiger moth at Brighton, Utah
  • Plagiomimicus spumosum - brown and tan "frothy moth" in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah 2008
  • Plagiomimicus spumosum "Frothy Moth" - pairs at Promontory Point and Antelope Island, Utah 2010, 2017
  • Ponometia elegantula - "Arizona Bird Dropping Moth" - white and gold moth with a dark white-ringed spot in St. George, Utah
  • Ponometia hutsoni - tiny cream-solored moth with gold diagonal lines and one large and one small spot in St. George, UT
  • Prairie Bird-dropping Moth - (Ponometia binocula) - white moth with a gold stripe on Antelope Island
  • Pseudanarta flava - small gray and brown moth with beautiful gold underwing in west desert & Mercur Canyon, UT, 2016-17
  • Ranchman's Tiger Moth - (Platyprepia virginalis) - two photos at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island
  • Schinia aetheria - brown and white moth with large spots at Strawberry Res., Utah
  • Schinia albafascia - cream colored moth with brown spots and wavy lines in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands
  • Schinia arcigera - "Arc-lined Flower Moth" - rust brown & pinkish striped moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Schinia mortua - flower moth on curlycup gumweed on Antelope Island
  • Schinia acutilinea - "Acute-lined Flower Moth" - on rabbitbrush on Antelope Island and at Promontory Point, UT 9-2013, 9-2011
  • Schinia tertia - two separate brown, tan and white flower moths on Antelope Island
  • Schinia unimacula - flower moth that feeds on rabbitbrush at Bear River MBR, UT 2006, 2015
  • Sordid Dart - (Euxoa adumbrata) - brown cutworm moth with wing spots on Antelope Island, 2009
  • Stiria intermixta - male and female yellow moths with brown markings and brown saddles on Antelope Island
  • "The Four-spotted" - (Tyta luctuosa) - morning glory (field bindweed) eater at Utah Lake beach, Utah County, UT 8-23-2018
  • "The Sweetheart" - (Catocala amatrix) - two separate moths from 2008 & 2011 in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Tarache areli - a small brown and cream moth that looks like a bird dropping in St. George, UT
  • Tiger Moth - (genus Apantesis) - gorgeous brown and white (deceased) moth on Antelope Island, Davis Cnty, UT  5-5-2020
  • Tiger Moth  - big white moth in Taylorsville, Utah 2006
  • Ufeus hulstii - soft chocolate brown moth with thin dark wing lines in Taylorsville, Ut  2017
  • Underwing Moth - (Catocala aholibah) - pretty gray moth in Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Western Yellowstriped Armyworm Moth  - (Spodoptera praefica) - yellow & brown moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Yellow-collared Scape Moth - (Cisseps fulvicollis) - at Bear River MBR
  • Plume Moth - (Emmelina monodactyla) - "Morning Glory Plume Moth" on Antelope Island
  • Plume Moth - (possible Hellinsia) - light golden moth with long wings in St. George, Utah
  • Snapdragon Plume Moth - (Stenoptilodes antirrhina) - destructive pupa and moths on snapdragon
  • American Plum Borer Moth - (Euzophera semifuneralis)  - brown and gray moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Clover Hayworm Moth  (Hypsopygia costalis) - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Dolichomia olinalis - "Yellow-fringed Colichomia Moth" - in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Gold-banded Etiella moth - (Etiella zinckenella) - gray moth with gold squiggles in Taylorsille, UT
  • Gooseberry Fruitworm Moth - (Zophodia grossulariella) - grey moth with zigzag stripe in LaVerkin, Utah
  • Large Tabby Moth  (Aglossa pinguinalis ) - in Taylorsville, UT
  • Meal Moth (Pyralis arinalis) - brown and greenish moth (and larva) in Taylorsville, UT, 2007
  • Myelopsis - (genus Myelopsis) - tan and brown moth with zigzag lines in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Pyralid Moth - possible Anadelosemia species - brown moth with stripes at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch Cnty, UT
  • Stored Grain Moth - (Aglossa caprealis) - speckled brown moth in Taylorsville, Utah
  • Webbing Coneworm Moth (Dioryctria disclusa) - small orange and brown moth in Taylorsville, Utah
                     Crambidae (Snout Moths)
  • Glover's Silkmoth - (Hyalophora columbia gloveri) - in Saratoga Springs, UT (photo by Caden Erickson 6-2018)
  • Luna Moth (silkmoth) - photo taken in North Carolina            
  • Bagworm Moth - (Thyridopteryx meadi)  - on Creosote Bush in Clark County, NV
  • Snailcase Bagworm - (Apterona helicoidella) - tiny mud case for the larvae at North Arm, Pineview Reservoir, Weber Cnty, UT
  • Tubeworm Moth - Acrolophus in Taylorsville, UT
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