Acute-lined Flower Moth  (four photos)
Schinia acutilinea

Antelope Island
              Schinia acutilinea
While taken around the same time of year, these first two
moths are worn specimens from Antelope Island, Davis
County, Utah  Carol Davis 9-15-2013

schinia acutilinea
This one was very worn, but ghostly beautiful.  Carol Davis 9-15-2013

As I was driving around Promontory Point, Box Elder County,
Utah in 2011, I happened to glance over and see this little
walking around on  rabbitbrush.  It is a beautiful little thing.
Carol Davis 9-28-2011

The larvae of these moths feed on plants of the genus Artemisia,
which in our area includes sagebrush.
Carol Davis 9-28-2011

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