Alfalfa Looper Moth  (three photos)
Autographa californica
1 inch

alfalfa looper moth
I find these moths frequently hanging out by my porch light. This one was exceptionally perfect,
just like it had been recently molded by the hands of Mother Nature.  The photo doesn't do it
justice because I couldn't get a great shot leaning out over the banister and photographing
with one hand.  Carol Davis 10-12-2013

I love the three humps on the back of this moth and the littlest one is pristeen (almost looks like a feather).  
This seems like a hazardous place to hang out (over the space between bricks) since you would think
one of my many spiders could sneak up on it and ends its Autumn flights.  As you can guess, the
larva feed on alfalfa and other plants and the adults gather nectar.   Carol Davis, 10-12-2013

Rather blurry, but colorful, overhead shot of a looper moth on Antelope Island.  I see this out flying around
in the daytime quite often. Carol Davis, 10-8-2008

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