American Plum Borer Moth
Euzophera semifuneralis
3/8 inch

plum borer moth
I thought this was such a beautiful moth until I found out it was a plum borer and then I have to admit I
was torn between letting it fly off and squashing it flat.  I love my plum tree.  When I went out for a second
 picture of this moth and to measure its size, it was attempting a take off and one leg was momentarily
caught.  It crawled up on my finger and I was able to measure it.  Now, how could I kill a moth who had just
let me take its measurements?  It flew off before I could make that final life or death decision. I was
consoled by the fact that I had never seen one of these before so how many could there be?
© Carol Davis, 5-26-2009 in Taylorsville, Utah

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