Banded Sunflower Moth
Cochylis hospes

Cochylis hospes
This may look like a big moth but it is, in fact, a very small moth and the larva
feeds on sunflower, which it is sitting on right now. I imagine this moth is going to lay
eggs if it hasn't done so already or, if it's a male, fertilized the eggs of a female who
will lay eggs soon.  This one was on Antelope Island. © Carol Davis 8-24-2014

banded sunflower moth in Utah
I just recently found one of these on the very tip of the rubber gasket that runs around the
driver's side door on my Saturn.  It was so tiny! I guess it just crawled up inside the door
during the night from the outside and perched on the apex of the gasket. I almost didn't see it.
Below is a bad picture of that one.  © Carol Davis 8-24-2014, Taylorsville, UT

cochylis hospes
 On my car door gasket in Taylorsville, UT.  My neighbor has some sunflowers
growing in front of his house just across
the street.  © Carol Davis, 8-24-2014

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