Bicolored Sallow  (three photos)
Sunira bicolorago
"Shield-backed Cutworm Moth"

bicolored sallow
So, once again the Bicolored Sallow visits my house in
Taylorsville in October. This one was resting between
 two bricks near the porch light for warmth (48 degrees).
 I never get tired of seeing them
because they really are pretty.
They're my little October jewels.  Carol Davis 10-23-2020

bicolored sallow
This little worn Bicolored Sallow was resting near my porch
 light this late October day. The photo below shows one
 in its complete splendor. Carol Davis 10-31-2017

bicolored sallow
I found this beautiful moth at my house in Taylorsville, Utah,
trying to draw a little heat from my front porch light.  This is
a cutworm moth that eats just about anything you've got in
the yard.  Cutworm moths can be pretty but very destructive.
  Carol Davis, 10-10-2009

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