Carolina Sphinx Moth (three photos)
"Six-spotted Sphinx Moth
Caterpillar = "Tobacco Hornworm"
Manduca sexta

Manduca sexta in Utah
This large beautiful moth (found by Sheryl Hohle in her barn at Saratoga Springs, Utah) in the caterpillar
 stage (known locally as a Tomato Worm) likes to munch on your tomatoes
and other garden favorites.
It's benign in the adult stage, except for making more baby Tomato Worms. © Sheryl Hohle 6-24-2017

sphinx moth
Moths like this one can be every bit as beautiful as a butterfly. We don't get to see a lot of them
because moths like to fly at night.  © Sheryl Hohle 6-24-2017

Six-spotteed Sphinx Moth
Its cousin, Manduca quinquemaculatus, in the caterpillar stage is also known here as the "Tomato Worm"
and we have both of these species
in Utah. You can read about the caterpillars, and how to tell the difference
in the two species, on
Bugguide. Thanks, Sheryl, for sharing these gorgeous photographs! © Sheryl Hohle 6-24-2017

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