Large Clover Casebearer Moth Larva
Coleophora trifolii

large clover casebearer moth larva
I found these cases on Sweet Clover at Jordanelle Dam wetlands, Wasatch County, Utah. I thought
they were casesbearer moth pupae cases but I didn't know until I got home that this particular case
had the moth larva inside dragging it around.  Photos of one of the cases attached to the
 seed pod are shown below.  © Carol Davis 7-26-2015

casebearer moth larva on sweet clover
This leafy-looking case has a larva inside and will become a moth some day. I think the case
is made from the leaves of its host plant.  Coleophora trifolii are native to Europe and have
"wormed" their way over to the U.S.  Where is its head, you are probably wondering.
It's inside that seed pod munching away, I think.  Below is a broader version of this
 particular muncher to give you an idea of the actual size.  © Carol Davis 7-26-2015

tiny casebearer moth case
To the left is the tip of my finger and to the right is the tiny casebearer.  Sweet Clover is a very dainty plant
 and has beautiful yellow blossoms, but then it becomes a little pale skeleton of itself when it's through
blooming.  Sometimes you will see the spent plant traveling along in the wind like a skinny white
 tumbleweed. It is toxic to livestock so it's not a welcome plant in the U.S. © Carol Davis 7-26-2015

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