Celery Looper Moth  (three photos)
Anagrapha falcifera

Anagrapha falcifera in Utah
This moth was lounging on a sunflower leaf on Antelope Island. I took one picture
from the car and got out to take a closer one and - off it flew.  © Carol Davis 6-19-2016

Anagrapha falcifera
I found this moth by my porch light in Taylorsville, Utah.  According to Bugguide.net, the larvae
feel on low plants like beet, cabbage, carrot, celery, clover, corn, lettuce, plantain, and
species.  A top view is shown below. © Carol Davis July 9, 2013

celery looper moth
This moth resembles the Alfalfa Looper Moth.  Pacific Northwest Moths has an
excellent page on the Celery Looper  © Carol Davis 7-9-2013

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