Chalcoela iphitalis   (two photos)
"Sooty-winged Chalcoela"

sooty-winged chalcoela moth
I was outside in my yard looking for insects to photograph when I saw a little golden-winged
insect land in my spruce tree.  I knew because of the golden color it had to be either this moth or
Western Pygmy-Blue butterfly.  The moth is hard for me to photograph because of  its wide
wing span. My cameras want to focus on either the wings or the head, but not both. This is the
first time I have seen this tiny species in any other place than by my porch light. It's gorgeous
and beneficial (see below).  Carol Davis 7-24-2017

beautiful little moth

I was thrilled to read on that the larvae of this tiny moth feed on the Paper Wasp.
larvae. These wasps have taken up residence in my truck and refuse to let us take it anywhere in the
summer.  Hooray for the "paper wasp" moth (that's my own nickname).  I have tons of these little
moths in my yard in Taylorsville, UT right now.  Carol Davis, 7-2008

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