Clearwing Moth   (three photos)
Zenodoxus palmii

Clearwing Moth
When I first spotted this moth in Mercur Canyon, I thought it was a wasp but, after I got
a good look at the wings, I knew it had to be a Clearwing Moth. © Carol Davis 9-1-2017

Zenodoxus palmii
I had only seen one other species of Clearwing Moth (Lilac Borer) so it was fun to find this
moth just posing for pictures.  Though smaller than
Podosesia syringae, this was by far
the better bee- or wasp-mimic of the two.  © Carol Davis 9-1-2017

bee-like moth
Bugguide states: "
Larvae feed on the roots of desert globemallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua, Malvaceae),
gray globemallow (S. incana), Munro's globemallow (S. munroana), Lozano's false Indianmallow
Pseudabutilon lozanii
, Malvaceae). Heinrich reported the larvae feeding at the base of the host plant
 stems, rather than roots."  © Carol Davis 9-1-2017

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