Cutworm or Dart Moth  (two photos)
Ufeus hulstii

ufeus hulstii moth
I was just getting ready for bed when I saw this moth lounging about eye level on the wall in my hallway. I thought
it would be just another plain cutworm moth but when I checked it out with my magnifier, I saw the beautiful
dark lines on the wings.  Below is another shot..  © Carol Davis 8-6-2017

ufeus moth
I toned down the flash a little on this photo attempt and it provided a softer chocolate look and allowed
 the interesting dark lines to really pop - and, unfortunately, the door frame, as well.  What a head of
hair this thing had! Bugguide helped me narrow the moth to species - it's a summer flyer where some of
the other Ufeus species prefer fall.  I took it outside after the photo shoot, but it seemed very lethargic and just
perched on the porch railing.  I hope my resident spiders didn't get it. © Carol Davis 8-6-2017, Taylorsville, UT

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