Disappearing Snout Crambine Moth
Family Crambidae

crambid moth hiding in spruce needles
I was standing about three feet from my blue spruce when this tiny moth came flitting by and disappeared into
some needles. I knew exactly where it had gone so I tried to find it. It was nowhere
to be seen.  I was not giving
up easily, though, so I continued my search
and was amazed to see the little creature pretending to be a needle.
In thinking about it, I decided it must have been the most comfortable way to land.  I think this might be a
Parapediasia teterrella (Bluegrass Webworm Moth). They fly over the grass and drop their eggs, according
to Bugguide. The site Family Tree and Turf Care has a photo of the larvae and some information on the damage
they do.  I have a lot of these and other "snout moths" in my back yard
in Taylorsville, Utah.  © Carol Davis 6-7-2014

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