Fireweed Clearwing Moth (three photos)
Albuna pyramidalis

Albuna pyramidalis
My heart skipped a few beats when I found this very
worn Fireweed
Clearwing Moth on Guardsman
, Salt Lake County, Utah. I knew it would be
 a new species for me. © Carol Davis 8-15-2019

wasp-like moth in
It is often mistaken for a wasp because of the abdominal
striping but, upon closer inspection, it is apparent it
 is a wasp-mimic moth. ©Carol Davis 8-15-2019

transparent winged
The wings are transparent except for the dark red areas.
According to Bugguide "larvae bore in the main roots of
 fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium, Onagraceae), dwarf
fireweed (C. latifolium) and common evening primrose
 (Oenothera biennis, Onagraceae), sometimes up to 60 cm
below the soil surface." The adults obviously visit
flowers (and one another). © Carol Davis 8-15-2019

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