Grapholitini    (two different genus - one to species)
Family Tortricidae
Tribe Grapholitini

Pronbably Genus Dichrorampha

small brown moth
This little moth in the Genus Dichrorampha only let me take a couple of photos and then
it was off to parts unknown at Bear River MBR.  I'm not sure of this ID, but it looks quite
like Dichrorampha.  It's really too worn to be sure.  © Carol Davis, 7-26-2009

Clover Head Caterpillar Moth
Species interstinctana

grapholita moth

gray moth
This tiny moth I found at Strawberry Reservoir would not hold still for a second to let me get a good shot.
 Some moth caterpillars of the genus Grapholita are pests of the illegal weed Cannabis.  This particular
species seems to be a pest of Clover.  It was very cute.  This one was identified to species with the
help of  © Carol Davis, 6-28-2009

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