Hadenini  (three photos)
Hecatera dysodea (European moth)

gold and gray moth

moth with gold spots
I was surprised by the beauty of this moth on my backyard shed and how the gold just stood out in the afternoon sun.   A
 few weeks later I had another one, more worn-looking and shown below, visit my front porch light. 
It took months to ID
this moth but someone on Bugguide.net submitted one and had the identification, also.
© Carol Davis, 8-2-2008

This photo looks a little weird because the moth is hiding in between two bricks.  It seems this moth went through some decline
in the United Kingdom and it has established itself in the Western US.  Their numbers and distribution are not known.  A small
article about this moth in the UK can be found here.  © Carol Davis, 8-30-2008

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