Hera Buckmoth (three photos)
Hemileuca hera

Hera Buckmoth at Promontory Point Utah
We were trying to find insects at Promontory Point in Box Elder County, Utah, and my brother
kept telling us that there were some big moths flying all over the place. We were too busy
photographing Hanging Thieves (robber flies).  Carol Davis 8-20-2017

Mating hemileuca hera moths
Later as we were driving along I saw this mating pair. That was a neat find. Just after that
we found another female perched on a bush (that's the first photo).  The female in this
photo is shy and hiding behind a dead flower. Sage is their
host plant and there were
 plenty out there.  Carol Davis 8-20-2017

Hera Buckmoth - Saturniidae Hemileuca hera
Trying hard to stay upright in a strong wind at LeBaron Point on Utah Lake.
If you want to see what the caterpillars look like, visit Nicky Davis's page
She's my sister-in-law and has great photos. Carol Davis, 8-22-2004

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