Ipsilon Dart Moth
 Agrotis ipsilon

ipsilon dart moth photo

ipsilon dart moth
The Ipsilon Dart Moth, according to Bugguide.net, gets its name from "ipsilon [epsilon]:  a character in the Greek Alphabet; the
black wedges  on the adult's forewing resemble the shape of this character".  The larva of this moth is a cutworm, and we know what
cutworms can do to a new garden.  I remember planting my first garden and when I went out one morning almost all my little plants
were cut to the ground.  After calling the Extension Service I found out it was a cutworm.  After replanting and treating for cutworm,
I got my garden.  You've probably seen them if you've ever dug around in a garden; they roll into a ball when disturbed.  The adult
moth is not much better looking than the larva--they look like they've been rolling around in the garden, too.  There are many
kinds of cutworms and dart moths. © Carol Davis, 5-4-2008

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