Large Yellow Underwing  (three photos)
Noctua pronuba

large yellow underwing in Taylorsville, Utah
While whacking down some grasses behind my garden in Taylorsville, UT today, this
large moth emerged and landed on the ground. Their underwings (not showing here,
but shown below) are lovely.  Carol Davis 5-25-1027

large yellow underwing moth

dark large yellow underwing moth
These two moths, while very different in upper wing color, are the same invasive species. The larvae of this European moth
are just one of many species of "cutworms" that literally slice plants off at ground level.  I know because the first garden I ever
planted ended up with every tomato plant being toppled.  These particular moths on Antelope Island were flitting by the hundreds
from Russian Olive tree to Russian Olive tree dining on nectar.  Outbuildings were filled with them where they had gone to spend
the night.  A very beautiful but destructive species.  Carol Davis, 5-31-2009

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