Lilac Borer Moth - Mating Pair  (four photos)
Clearwing Moth - Wasp Mimic
Genus Podosesia syringae

mating lilac borers
I stepped outside to see if there were any insects around my deck in Taylorsville, Utah and after checking out my lilac bushes and
finding remains of lilac borer emergence, I looked over one branch and saw this pristine pair.  Eureka!  © Carol Davis 5-3-2015

male lilac borer
They were in the shade and it wasn't easy getting a good picture. With one camera I had to use a
flash and with the other, I didn't. I did, however, have to lighten the photos but they turned out
pretty good. This is the male. © Carol Davis 5-3-2015

female Podosesia syringae
The female is larger than the male, but both of them are gorgeous; too bad they're so destructive
to lilacs. The branch that they're on has been hammered by the larvae through the years and it's
so hard to get to the base that I haven't been able to cut it out.  © Carol Davis 5-3-2015

©Podosesia syringae pair
This is a shot took I with a flash when I first spotted them.  I have another page with a Lilac Borer moth
but that individual is much more worn than these two beauties.  People steer clear of these moths
because they look like wasps, but they don't sting. You can read more about
the Lilac/Ash Borer
Moth and larvae at the Utah State University Extension site.  © Carol Davis 5-3-2015

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