One-eyed Sphinx Moth
Smerinthus cerisyi

male Smerinthus cerisyi
This is the male I found at one of the check-in booths at a Strawberry Reservoir campground. The lady working
there said these moths had been there for two days. They were gorgeous. This one was smaller than the one
below so I'm pretty sure it is the male. 
The" eyes", coupled with the grey body, make it look like an elephant.
© Carol Davis 8-23-2011

female Smerinthus cerisyi
The flash of my camera brought out way too much blue in this photo but this is the much larger female.
She has a lot more blue in her "eyes" whereas the male has more black. 
© Carol Davis 8-23-2011

sphinx moth
My friend Ruth and I found this one two days later at Strawberry at our campground. I don't know if its
male or female but I suspect female because of its size. You can barely see some pink showing under
 the top wings.  The larvae of
Smerinthus cerisyi feed on willow and poplar.  Because I used no flash in this
 photo, the bluish cast is subdued.
© Carol Davis 8-25-2011

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