Owlet Moth  (Two Photos)
Stiria intermixta

Stiria intermixta
I was driving along scouting the sunflowers on Antelope Island when I spotted these two lovers (male and female)
 lounging side by side on a lower leaf.  I was ecstatic! What beautiful moths!  Below is a shot taken from above -
or at least as "above" as I could get without falling into the sunflower plant. Carol Davis 8-7-2013

Stiria intermixta pair
Apparently the sister species Stiria rugifrons, commonly called the Yellow Sunflower Moth, is found in the
Eastern U. S. and Midwest, and is almost indistinguishable from this moth, which is a Southwestern
and occasionally found in Utah. 
Here is more information on that conundrum. Pictures of S. rugifrons
 can be found here on Bugguide.
   Carol Davis, 8-7-2013

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