Owlet Moth   (three photos)
Pseudanarta flava

Pseudanarta flava moth
I was just lucky to see this upside-down creature in the midst of a blooming rabbitbrush. Talk
nice camouflage! We took a bunch of pictures of this moth and then my sister-in-law,
decided to see if it was alive, since we couldn't see its head, and it flew away. We were
 wondering why it was upside down - possibly laying eggs? Who knows.
This was
 in the western desert - Tooele County, methinks.  Below are more photos of
the same species from last year. © Carol Davis 9-17-2017

Pseudanarta flava moth
Pseudanarta flava, Noctuoidea moth, visiting rabbitbrush in Mercur Canyon,
Tooele County, UT.  © Carol Davis 10-9-2016

owlet moth
This was a small, beautiful moth that I initially thought must be butterfly because
 of the beautifully-marked wings.  We saw a lot of these in Mercur Canyon but they
were moving pretty fast and were hard to photograph.  © Carol Davis 10-9-2016

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