Pale Western Cutworm Moth
Possible Agrotis orthogonia

Agrotis orthogonia
There were a lot of these moths in Mercur Canyon on this day.  They appeared white
when they flew.  I am not positive about the species but I really think that's what
these moths were.  © Carol Davis 10-5-2017

pale western cutworm moth
This moth was so pale that I had to tone down the lighting in order to
 photograph the pattern. © Carol Davis kl10-5-2017

cutworm moth
Check out this bulletin (1941) by Utah State University on Agrotis orthogonia.  We
found these moths in the area named in the article.  Although the timing for the
moth is a little off, so is our weather. The temperature was in the
high 50's, low 60's. © Carol Davis 10-5-2017

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