Crambid Snout Moth  (two photos)
Petrophila jaliscalis

Petrophila jaliscalis
I found this little moth at Tonaquint Park in St. George, Utah.  I only took one picture because I thought it
was a species I already had.  Duh. The one below didn't fare as well as this one, I think, because it looks like
it's in the middle of a spide
r web, as evidenced by little deceased green flies.  © Carol Davis 9-18-2015

According to Bugguide, this moth's habitat is "Algae covered rocks - larvae are aquatic, living within
a silken
web in streams...(Merritt & Cummins, p.387; Tuskes, 1981)."  You can read more by
Merrit & Cummins here on Google. Those little black dots on the underwing of this moth give
 this tiny moth some pizzazz. 
© Carol Davis 9-18-2015

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