Crambid Snout Moth  (two photos)
Petrophila jaliscalis
Jumping spider mimic

Petrophila jaliscalis
I found this little moth at Tonaquint Park in St. George,
Utah.  I only took one picture because I thought it

was a species I already had.  Duh. The one below didn't
 fare as well as this one, I think, because it looks
it's in the middle of a spide
r web, as evidenced by little
 deceased green flies. 
© Carol Davis 9-18-2015

According to Bugguide, this moth's habitat is "Algae covered
rocks - larvae are aquatic, living within a silken
web in streams...
(Merritt &
Cummins, p.387; Tuskes, 1981)."  The rows of dots
on the wing are reflective, just like jumping spiders eyes.  Moths
 in this genus are often mistaken for jumping spiders, not
only because of the eye spots, but  because they move
around like jumpers when not in flight.  You can read
about that weird characteristic here on Bugguide.
You can also see a video on this site of the mimicry
performed by a Petrophila canadensis, relative of
Petrophila jaliscalis.
© Carol Davis 9-18-2015

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