Plume Moth  -  "Morning Glory Plume Moth"
Family Pterophoridae
Species Emmelina monodactyla

plume moth
Plume Moth resting on the underside of a leaf on Antelope Island.  These have always been hard to photograph.  It seems that
if they're in the sun the color washes out and if they're in the shade the colors are too dull. This one turned out okay, thank
goodness.  Most Plume Moths feed on pollen but the larvae are leaf rollers and stem borers so they can be destructive, but
on Antelope Island there are enough predators, like spiders and assassin bugs, to help keep the damage down.  This particular
moth starts out as a larva that feeds on foliage of bindweed, a particularly annoying weed for most yards.  From what I understand,
it is an introduced species from the UK.  Note: since I am not an Entomologist, I am taking an educated guess on the species
of this Plume Moth.   © Carol Davis  6-19-2009

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