Crambid Snout Moth  (two photos)
Pyrausta borealis
"Northern Pyrausta"

brown and tan moth
Pyrausta borealis.  Carol Davis 4-26-2010

pyrausta borealis
When I first saw this little moth flying I thought it was a
 moth until it landed with open wings and then, because it was so
 tiny, I thought it might be a Western Pygmy-Blue Butterfly. When
I could finally see the pattern, I knew it was something good and it
just sat on the grass and let me take photos until I had my fill.  I didn't
use a flash but the bright sun still washed out some of the color.  It
was a gorgeous little moth and I'll probably never see another one in
my lifetime because how much longer am I going to be able to see
something flying that's so small and track it to a resting spot?  : ]
Carol Davis 4-26-2010

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