Salt Marsh Moth Caterpillar
Estigmene acrea

Estigmene acrea
The adult moth of this colorful caterpillar is white with black spots and the male actually does have orange on the underwings. 
According to, "Larvae feed on a wide variety of mainly weedy plants including pigweed (Amaranthus spp.),
anglepod (Gonolobus spp.), Sicklepod (Cassia tora), Dog Fennel (Eupatorium capillifolium), ground cherry (Physalis spp.),
and mallow (Anoda spp.), plus crops such as alfalfa, asparagus, bean, beet, cabbage, carrot, celery, clover, corn, cotton, lettuce,
onion, pea, potato, soybean, sugarbeet, tobacco, tomato, and turnip. On rare occasions, they also feed on leaves of deciduous trees
and shrubs: alder, apple, cherry, elderberry, pear, poplar, and serviceberry."  © Carol Davis, 8-25, 2010 at Jordanelle wetlands
You can read more about Estigmene acrea here on the University of Florida site.

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