Schinia aetheria  (three photos)
Flower Moth

schinia aetheria
This beautiful moth caught my eye immediately as I was photographing insects on Yellow Sweet Clover
 at Strawberry Reservoir. There were quite a few of these species in the area.
  © Carol Davis 6-25-2012

flower moth
Have you ever tried to photograph an insect as it was hanging upside-down on a flower like sweet clover
that droops as the insects moves along it?  It's not fun and pert near impossible (we say "pert near" out
 here in the Wild West) since I also had to hang upside-down.  I have taken the liberty of rotating the
photos so you don't have to hang by your toes to view the moth.
© Carol Davis 6-25-2012

schinia aetheria moth
The bottom of the wings is quite a contrast to the top. See how that moth is eying me? It was okay
having me follow it around for a while but then it gave me the evil eye and started trying to lose me
in the flowers. I think it was hoping I'd get stung by one of the many mammoth bumble bees competing
for nectar in the clover patch.
© Carol Davis 6-25-2012

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