Schinia unimacula (four photos)
Flower Moth

schinia unimacula at Bear River MBR
Schinia unimacula
flower moths were all over the rabbitbrush at Bear River MBR this day.
I just get lucky and happen upon a good moth day.  Carol Davis 8-16-2015

schinia flower moth

I tried to move this one around to get a better picture, but it preferred standing on its head, I guess.
These first two moths are less worn than the one below that I found in the exact same area in 2006
(and just 4 days apart).  I might mention that both days, in 2006 and again in 2015, were
 somewhat overcast.  Carol Davis 8-16-2015
flower moth

Rabbitbrush is the host plant for this moth and the caterpillar feeds on it.  Carol Davis 8-20-2006

The delicate Schinia unimacula moth seems right at home at Bear River MBR in Box Elder
 county, Utah.  They were lying everywhere motionless in the rabbitbrush.  On such a dingy
day, it was a treat to see such a beautiful, bright tiny moth.  Carol Davis, 8-20-06

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