Snapdragon Plume Moth
Stenoptilodes antirrhina

Stenoptilodes antirrhina
In December my niece called me over to her house to have a look at some insect damage to her snapdragons that
she had growing in her hothouse.  This was one of the moths on her plants.  The adult, from what I understand
from The Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook, doesn't stray far from the plant because Snapdragon
Plume Moths are weak fliers. A picture of the caterpillar is shown below. © Carol Davis 12-19-2012

Stenoptilodes antirrhina caterpillar
There was a lot of damage to the leaves and buds and these caterpillars, in all
stages of development, were covering her snapdragons. The pupae case
of one of the moths is shown in the next photo. © Carol Davis 12-19-2012

snapdragon plume moth
The case in the top of the photo is where one of the moths emerged. I've never seen a plant so
infested and my niece and I were both
quite disgusted over it all.  Below is an example
 of the damage. © Carol Davis 12-19-2012

snapdragon plume moth damage
I've always liked plume moths because of their
distinctive look, but its obvious they can decimate
.  There was no hope left for Candice's plants. © Carol Davis 12-19-2012

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