"The Sweetheart" Moth  (two photos)
Catocala amatrix
about 4 cm

The Sweetheart moth
How appropriate - I just discovered this photo from 2011 I hadn't posted and its
 name suggests I picked the right month to do it (Feb).  This is the classic look of the
rather large moth called "The Sweetheart" and the photo below shows another
this moth may appear. It has beautiful markings. Carol Davis 8-29-2011

The Sweetheart
Catocola amatrix moth has pinkish-red on the underwing so I'm assuming that's how it got
 its nickname of "The Sweetheart".  Poplars and willows are their food of choice in the pupa
stage.  This one was snoozing under my porch light in Taylorsville, UT Carol Davis, 8-27-2008

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